I am always looking for snacks that are high in protein. I am not much of a baker, but one day I had the courage to bring out the mixing bowls and turn on the oven! I made this blueberry and lemon vanilla protein loaf, and to my surprise, I didn’t mess it up!¬†This recipe is simple, and it doesn’t take a professional baker to make. Try it out!

It’s about balance . . .

lemon 1As a dietitian, I get asked, “How many snacks should I have in a day?” or “What makes a healthy snack?”. There are no specific answers to these questions, because everyone is different. Rather than trying to eat a specific amount of snacks that someone else has told you to eat, try to eat when your body is hungry. Listen to your own specific hungry cues. So, if you are hungry in between meals, have a snack! It’s as simple as that!

What makes a snack healthy?

- A variety of colours : Try to have at least 2 different colours of food with each snack.

- The portion size:Eat what you need to reduce the strong urges of hunger. Don’t overdo it.

- Including different food groups: Aim to have at least 2 food groups.

- Protein: To keep yourself fuller for longer, include some protein such as cheese, nuts, tuna, eggs, grains, beans, and more!

- Keep it Whole: The best snacks are homemade or are in their ‘whole’ form (i.e. an apple over apple juice).



Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 kiwis