Warning: This recipe for vanilla no bake almond butter protein bites are as addictive as chocolate, weight lifting, yoga, and pretty much anything that brings an individual happiness.
It’s about balance . . .
Yes, we have all heard that ‘sugar’ is the new cigarette in terms of health. But, there are so many other factors to consider in our lives (eating patterns, genetics, physical activity, mental health, etc) before blaming one single nutrient. Sometimes the media looks at one single nutrient, characterizing this nutrient as “a gift from the gods” or “an evil food.” I hate to break it you, but just because you read blueberries are high in antioxidants, doesn’t mean they are going to cure you from all of your health issues. There are a variety of foods with high antioxidants as well. It’s about balance. So, I proudly enjoy these bites, Maple Syrup and all (Disclaimer: I am a Proud Canadian who loves Maple Syrup).
Overall Recipe Rating: 4/5 Kiwis