For a sensational Thai style mushroom soup all you need to do is combine coconut milk, vegetables, broth, fresh herbs, and red hot pepper flakes.
Full of veggie goodness, this soup contains a helix of flavours; a nice change from a more traditional style mushroom soup. The coconut milk adds a faintly sweet flavour to the soup; the way a teaspoon of honey changes the taste of a cup of tea. The coconut milk also maintains the creamy texture and white colour of mushroom soups to which many of us have been accustomed.  The variety of vegetables and broth help to leave behind that heavy feeling you sometimes get in your stomach after eating a cream based bowl of soup. Floating to the surface of the soup, the dark green buoyant basil leaves created a gourmet look to the meal, helping to mask how easy this meal was to make!Since the vegetables were sauteed prior to going in the soup, they were soft and pulsing with flavour. The hot red pepper flakes provided a slight increase in temperature, but it was not the kind of the heat makes you desperately search for a glass of water; it was more tingly than hot (My Dumb and Dumber fans will appreciate that line). Bringing all of the flavours together, topping this soup with chopped green onions is a must. Have a MEH (Meat Eating Husband)?: Don’t worry! You can add chunks of chicken to the soup and it still works out! (I cooked the recipe as directed, and I added chicken into my MEH’s portion. He loved it!).
It’s about balance . . .
Soup gives you a nutrient dense meal, leftovers for lunch the next day, and can add variety to your weekly dinner meals. This particular soup recipe is loaded with vegetables. Mushrooms are often overlooked because they lack the bright colour that other vegetables offer.  But, mushrooms are packed with goodness! They contain vitamins, minerals, protein, water and fibre. For many years, mushrooms have been known for their medicinal properties. In fact, mushrooms have been believed by some cultures to cleanse blood, improve circulation, and fight against diseases such as diabetes.Recently, research has shown that mushrooms may aid with disease prevention. In specific mushrooms contain beta-glucans and conjugated linoleic acid. Beta-glucans have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and conjugated linoleic acid has been shown to suppress estrogen levels. High levels of estrogen are associated a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Although more studies are needed on the various health benefits of mushrooms,  the current research holds promise and reiterates one key message: EAT MORE VEGGIES!
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Overall recipe rating: 3.5/5 kiwis