I have never seen a sweet and sour chicken recipe that used apricot jam, so naturally I had to test it out. See my review of the recipe below.
The Taste:
I found the sauce to taste more on the sweeter side, similar to that of a coconut curry. I enjoy a lot of sauce with the meals, so I found there was not enough sauce for to flavour the rice accompanying the chicken. If you decide to try this recipe, it may be a good idea to double the quantity of the sauce to ensure you have enough. The vegetables, especially the carrots,  had a bit of a crunch to them after being cooked. If you prefer your vegetables to be less firm, then keep the meal in the oven for 5-10 minutes longer than the recipe recommends.Its about balance . . .  
What I like about this recipe is the homemade sweet and sour sauce. Making your own sauces and salad dressings helps you to control the amount of sugar and salt you are eating. Homemade sauces aren’t as hard as they sound and in many cases can take less than 5 minutes to make. I LOVE these 5 recipes for easy homemade salad dressings! Be creative and comment below on what ingredients you like to use.
Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 Kiwis