You know whats better than homemade BBQ sauce? Not a lot. This recipe is fantastic if you have run out of BBQ sauce in the pantry. It’s so easy, I think I will try to make this all the time! Similar to baking, this recipe needs to be followed exactly the way it is written. If you modify these ingredients, you will end up with a sauce that tastes either too sweet or extremely acidic (don’t ask me how I know this…..haha).


I used the BBQ sauce to marinate chicken for 2 hours. I then cooked the chicken in the slow-cooker on low for 3 hours. I threw the chicken over-top of a potato to make a lovely meat and potatoes kind of dinner (perfect for my MEH – Meat Eating Husband). I also made a tomato a cucumber side salad which completed the meal.


It’s about balance . . .

Sure, you may have your favourite brand of BBQ sauce, but have you tried making your own? It’s worth it!If you want to make anything from scratch, I recommend using the website:


For a quick and easy dinner, give this BBQ sauce a try.

bbq 2

Overall recipe rating: 4/5 kiwis