Planning Christmas dinners can be stressful. Sometimes we are so focused on the main meal that we forget about the appetizers! This spinach and cannellini bean dip will take you ten minutes to make, not contributing to any additional stress. The dip is nutritious and has a gourmet taste that is noticeably better than store bought spinach dips.
The Taste
This spinach dip recipe is satisfying. I added 2 green onions and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes to the original recipe to give the dip some extra zip. The cannellini beans gave the dip a thicker consistency, similar to that of mashed potatoes; thick enough to be used as a spread, but unable to fall off a spoon when turned upside down. The fresh taste of spinach paired nicely with the garlic, which was settled with a lemon aftertaste. The flavour from the balsamic vinegar in this dip was faint, but it helped to bring out its savory side. Your family and friends will not be able to resist this dips forest dark green colour at your holiday dinner.Tip: You can adjust this dip to your taste buds. When blending, add in small amounts, more lemon juice or garlic if you want to make these ingredients more pronounced.It’s about balance  . . .
This dip only takes ten minutes out of your day. Yes, you have ten minutes to spare! This spinach dip is worth the taste, the significant amount of fibre, the protein boost, and the B vitamins. 

Dips can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge for a few days. In fact, most of the time, dips taste better when you let them sit for a day. This spinach dip can also act as more than a just a dip. For example, it can be mixed in with rice, spread on top of chicken (with a little cheese for good luck) or spread onto the bread of a sandwich for extra flavour.

Overall Recipe Rating: 4/5 Kiwis