Singapore has mangoes that are so fresh, flavourful, and delightfully slimy. Thus, I am in search to find the best mango salad recipe in the world! If you have any suggestions, or want me to test any recipes, please comment below!

To start my search for the best mango salad recipe in the world, I tested a Snappy Cucumber Mango Salad recipe, from dailybitesblog.com. This is an amazing blog, with a variety of healthy recipes, tips for living a healthy lifestyle, and more! Be sure to check it out.

This recipe took about ten minutes to make and combined the strong flavours of cilantro (also known as coriander), with lime, and ginger (optional).  The honey in the recipe calmed down the other flavours, similar to the way adding a dollop of yogurt can calm the spiciness of a chilli that has one too many hot peppers. I enjoyed the two distinct textures of the main ingredients; the squishy mangoes and the sound producing crunchy cucumbers. This salad has all of the characteristics of a good party; fun, interesting, colourful, refreshing, and keeps you coming back for more.

Note: I have made this recipe with and without the ginger. I personally prefer the salad without the ginger because I found the ginger to distract me from tasting the other ingredients.

It’s about balance . . .


Mangoes aren’t just a pretty fruit. They are a source of polyphenolic compounds (these help the body maximize/form antioxidants). Such compounds help the body protect against diseases related to oxidative stress such as cardiovascular and  neurological diseases, various cancers, and diabetes. Fruits and vegetables offer a variety of polyphenols, so that’s why its important to have a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

You have time to make this healthy salad recipe! This salad can add some fun to your summer parties, family dinners, and to your refrigerator!

TIP: This salad kept nicely in my fridge for two days. On the second day, instead of eating it by its lonesome, I tossed it over some spinach to create one colourful looking salad.

Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 Kiwis