One of the reasons I started to blog was because I was inspired by This is one of the best food blogs on the internet, and I have yet to try a recipe from this blog that does not work out perfectly every time. The other day I tried this scallion meatball with soy ginger glaze recipe, and of course, it was a hit. Thank you smitten kitchen, for once again making me look good in front of my friends!  haha!

The Taste:
You really will impress your friends and family with this recipe. At first, the thick almost black sauce that drips over the meat balls tastes deeply sweet, almost like a butter tart. Then the sauce evolves into the sharp savory flavour of soy sauce and ginger. The meatballs composed of green onions and some sesame oil were densely moist, so they didn’t break apart in the frying pan. In this recipe, there was no ingredient that stuck out over the other, making these the perfect definition of  gourmet sweet and sour meatballs.
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It’s about balance . . . 
We all know that some recipes take longer to make than others. But if you are anticipating making a recipe that is more time consuming, the best thing you can do is plan ahead (especially if you are having a get together with friends or family). Reading a recipe in advance allows you to pick out ingredients or parts of the recipe that can be prepared ahead of time. Here are  four things to look for when trying to prepare a recipe in advance:1. Ingredients: Vegetables that can be pre-cut or meat that can be pre-sliced.
2. Sauces: These can usually be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge. 
3. Spices: If a recipe calls for a lot of spices, it may be worth it to pre-portion them out before cooking.
4. Recipe Directions: Make sure you understand the general “flow” of the recipe and to identify the equipment needed.
Overall Recipe Rating: 4/5 Kiwis