I know its not Tuesday, but I will be on an airplane tomorrow, so I figured it would be better to post this today!This simple roasted maple-dijon glazed pork tenderloin recipe can be done in less than an hour. The instructions of the this recipe were clear and concise, resulting in a flavourful and nutritious meal for my family.



When pulling the pork out of the oven, it smelt like a freshly baked apple dessert. It was hard to ignore the sweet smell being released by apples the maple syrup. The coarsely ground Dijon mustard which covered the tenderloin looked similar to the texture of a multi-grain bread; bumpy and multicoloured.



Since my family prefers the taste of regular potatoes, I did not use sweet potatoes for this recipe. In contrast with the sweet aromas, the flavour of Dijon mustard was woven into the taste of this dish. The apples which were cooked alongside the tenderloin were soft, and quickly turned into apple sauce after one chew. Overall, I found this tenderloin to be on the sweeter side, similar to when a drop of honey is added to black tea.

It’s about balance . . .

When many people think of pork, they think of fattier meat, like bacon. Thus, pork may not  be considered as a lean cut of meat. But, this is simply not the case! Many cuts of pork are lean and they can be incorporated into a healthy diet to add some variety! To learn more about the different cuts of lean pork, click here.

Not everyone will eat pork due to personal or religious reasons. If you are planning on making this recipe for a dinner party, it is a good idea to check with your guests whether or not they will eat pork.


Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 kiwis