I can’t tell you how many roast beef recipes I have made in my lifetime. Literally, I cannot tell you because I have tried so many recipes. I also can’t tell you how many roasts I have messed up in my lifetime because my wannabe chef ego will be hit extremely hard! The bottom line is, this recipe for garlicy roast beef is one of my all time favourites.


It’s about balance . . .

I often get asked, “Do you eat meat?” and when I reply “Yes”, the facial expressions of shear disappointment are evident. It is very difficult for me to get enough protein in my diet and with experiencing iron deficiency in the past, I have made the choice to include beef in my diet. Beef is a great source of iron, Vitamin B12, and zinc; all the nutrients that provide a good energy boost for they body. Many people think that the fat in beef will cause heart disease and clogged arteries, when in actual fact, beef also contains monounsaturated fats (the type of fat also found in olive oil), a type of healthy fat that keeps blood cholesterol levels in check.  As long as you have appropriate portions sizes of beef and balance your plate with veggies, I don’t see a problem with including beef in your diet.

What are the benefits of reducing red meat? 

There are some studies that show you may live slightly longer if you omit red meat. You may also find you consume less calories, have an easier time digesting foods, feel better about the environment and saving animals. If you want to give up red meat that is a personal choice, and it is also a personal choice  to eat red meat. Either way, listen to way your body feels after eating red meat, and follow your personal motivations for choosing to eat red meat or not.



 Overall recipe rating: 4/5 kiwis