I would gladly compare this quinoa and beef patty recipe to the happiness I feel when I’m finished my laundry for the week. These patties are so tasty that I couldn’t help but ignore the feelings of satiety coming from my stomach. Just look at them:

The recipe for these patties came from a blog called Baking in the Attic. This is one of my favourite food blogs because the recipes are extremely unique; blending together ingredients that have never been blended before. This blog is a bookmark MUST! I am not a fan of blending together a carbohydrate (like bread crumbs) with meat, and yes, that means I do not enjoy eating meatloaf.  But this recipe had a different texture than meatloaf; the quinoa added a delightfully unpolished crunch to the meat, leaving the surface of the patties looking like an edible gravel road. The Parmesan cheese and parsley supplied a depth of flavours that made me forget I was eating beef. This reminded me of eating crab cakes; my taste buds never attend to how the crab tastes, but rather, I focus on the overall flavour of the cake.

The coarsely chopped parsley added a deep dark green colour to the patties, making me more attracted to the meal. The always satisfying combination of onions and garlic cloves could not be overlooked in this recipe. This was one of the few recipes I have tested where I didn’t have to double the amount of garlic cloves myself! Overall, the patties had densely satisfying flavours.

Tip: I found my patties were not sticking together well. Looking at the step by step pictures on the blog for this recipe, I realized I made my patties too large.  Keep your patties small so they stick together! If you still can’t get your patties to stick together, you can crumble the mixture over vegetable side dishes, mix it into a pasta sauce, or just eat it crumbled! (It’s that satisfying).

It’s about balance . . .

Many of the recipes I test call for the addition of salt. Before adding any salt, I recommend  tasting the recipe you have made and ask yourself: “Do I need to add salt?” The reality is, salt is everywhere in our food supply. Salt is in bread, cheese, sauces, cereals, canned foods, cured meats, salad dressings, etc. It’s everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, we need sodium in our bodies so our major organs and cells can function, but having too much sodium can also lead to health complications.

One way to reduce sodium intake in your diet is to use herbs while you cook. For example, this recipe uses parsley to deepen the flavour profile of the patties. The recipe doesn’t need additional salt. To learn more about how much sodium you need to consume in a day, and the health complications related to having too much sodium in your diet click here.

Overall recipe rating: 4/5 kiwis