I’m headed off to Thailand to celebrate New Years, so I am posting my “Testing Tuesday”  recipe on Sunday! This revitalizing Pico de gallo dip is perfect to serve at your New Years party. It’s light, refreshing, and triggers memories of summer! Who doesn’t want that? This recipe came from thewickednoodle.com which is filled with all kinds of awesome recipes for all kinds of cooking abilities; I highly recommend you check it out!
The Taste
A crisp, clean and balanced version of a pico de gallo dip. With cilantro, white onion, and jalapeno in one recipe, it can be difficult to create a dip that has evened flavours. The proportions of each ingredient was perfect, letting me taste every layer of flavour the dip had to offer. First, the soft tomato filled my cheeks, followed by the crunch of white onion, then came the cilantro which was then engulfed in a limey delightfully jalapeno aftertaste. A good pico de gallo dip must leave a small pond of juices beneath it, that’s how you know its the real deal.The only modification I made to this dip, was I used the juice from a whole lime, rather than half a lime. I recommend adding in half the lime first, tasting the dip, and then seeing what your taste buds desire!
Tip: Make this dip 1 day before you plan to serve it! The flavours are drenched and intertwined even more the next day.It’s about balance . . . 
It’s a new year, so that means you have to set new goals right? Yes, goals are great, but sometimes they can be overwhelming and unrealistic, leading us feeling disappointed and discouraged. If you are setting a health goal this year, make sure it is one you can realistically achieve and keep forever. We can also think of goals as positive changes in our lives. Specifically with health, we can think about creating a lifestyle change. Here are ten examples for lifestyle changes that you may or may not use for 2013:

1. Try a new recipe every month.
2. Always eat at a table or somewhere free of distractions (like in front of the TV).
3. Don’t go on a diet. In general, put healthy foods into your body and exercise regularly.
4. Eat breakfast. Your body needs fuel when you wake up, so don’t skip this meal.
5. Cook at least 1 meal a week with the kids or loved ones.
6. Create a special night for homemade favourites. (Burrito/fajita night, pizza night, soup night!)
7. Don’t leave junk around the house or buy it in the first place. You will most likely eat it.
8. Start making your own lunches.
9. Offer a friend support. Join a cooking or exercise class together.
10. Make water your first drink of choice.

Overall recipe rating: 5/5 kiwis. This recipe reminded me of Mexico. It doesn’t get any better.