I don’t think it gets any easier than this recipe for taco meatballs. How cool is that?
Who needs taco shells? I didn’t when I was eating these creations. The meatballs tasted exactly the meat cooked in a spicy taco, except this was baked! Since I didn’t need the taco shells, I had the meatballs with brown rice and  raw carrots and celery sticks with a homemade ranch dip. I added in some extra chili flakes and took out the cilantro (my MEH isn’t a fan).
It’s about balance. . . 
You may think you have the best recipe for meatballs, but if you never try other recipes, how can you confirm such a statement? Ha! Try new recipes, get creative, and be spunky. What is the worst that can happen, you have a bad dinner? That’s what tomorrows dinner it for, to improve on yesterdays.
Overall recipe rating : 4/5 kiwis