Problem: You wake up in the morning and are craving pancakes for breakfast. All is well until you realize you are out of flour.
Solution: My recipe for mini flourless banana pancake bites.
These pancakes taste so good they gave me the same feeling as when I indulge with a piece of cheese cake at a fancy restaurant after dinner. The ripe bananas and hint of vanilla make them taste as sweet as cookie dough, so I didn’t feel the need to add any maple syrup (which is hard because I am Canadian!). For a little extra nutrients, I topped my pancakes with some blueberries.Recipe: 

  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup blueberries for topping (optional)

Directions:Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Place a small amount of oil on the pan and pour out the pancake “batter” using a ¼ cup scoop. Wait until the pancake is bubbling on the top and then flip. One pancake should take about 3 minutes total to cook. Enjoy!

Its about balance . . . 
We all get strong food cravings, but there are things you can do to help reduce them, such as:

1. Wait 15 minutes - Before you go to the kitchen, keep yourself busy for at least 15 minutes. Most of the time, your craving won’t be waiting for you after your time is up!

2. Drink water: Try having a glass of water and/or a healthy snack such as fruit or handful of nuts.This will help to fill you up and distinguish strong urges.

3. Listen to your body: You may just be hungry! Eat a well balanced meal and the craving will likely disappear.

4. Don’t ignore the craving! We all know that doesn’t work. Acknowledge how you are feeling and if it is one of those days where you need a treat, then just do it. But eat your treat slowly and make sure you really enjoy it, so you can feel satisfied and put out the craving fire!

Recipe Rating: 5/5 Kiwis