For those of you who couldn’t tell my face, my background is Polish. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I love Borchst! This is the easiest recipe  for Borchst I have tried and the end result is impressive!



The Taste: Surprisingly, the soup did not have the traditional earthy taste that can turn people off about beets. The chunks of beef and beef broth prevented the soup from tasting like you took a bite out of a piece of tree bark. For some extra crunch I added in some sliced celery.   


It’s about balance . . .
Just half cup a beets contains 37 calories, yes 37!!!! If you are trying to slim down or tone up, beets will be a close friend of yours. In fact, most vegetables are low in calories and offer a good amount of fibre to keep you fuller for longer periods of time. From my experience, a lack of vegetables is the first thing I notice when I review someone’s diet who is trying to lose weight.
Quick Tip: Write down all of the foods you eat in one day on a piece of paper. How many veggies are you eating? 
Overall Recipe Rating: 4/5 Kiwis