I have never grilled salmon before, so the fact that this recipe turned out, is a testament to this recipe’s simplicity factor. I found this grilled maple mustard salmon recipe on a blog entitled, Mom Foodie. This blog has a large variety of recipes including casseroles, pasta dishes, entrees, gluten free recipes, etc.



I have made this recipe twice, once using an old fashion mustard (President’s Choice brand), and once using Maille A l’Ancienne old style mustard (the classy stuff).  I enjoyed the stronger flavour that came with using the Maille brand because it helped to balance the sweet taste coming from the maple syrup.

The key to making this recipe a success in the taste department is in the marinade sauce. Every time you open the grill to check on the salmon, make a point of generously brushing on more marinade sauce all over the salmon.  This will help to intensify the flavours and keep the salmon moist. Also, be sure not to fuss with the salmon once you flip it over. Trying to flip it more than once will most likely cause the salmon to break into pieces.



It’s about balance…

Not everyone will have a BBQ, especially if you live in a condo or apartment building that does not permit one on your patio. To get the same sexy seared grill marks on your salmon, this recipe can be done over a stove top using a grill pan. There are a variety of grill pans which you can choose from: ranging in price, size, quality, and shape. Bottom line: the ridges on grill pans will help to elevate the food being cooked, allowing for excess fat to drip away (just like a BBQ).

To learn more about grill pans and their health benefits click here.

Overall Recipe Rating: 3.5/5 Kiwis