Chili is one of my favourite foods. The reason why chili has a permanent place in my heart is because of it is so simple to make. Chili allows me to use up the leftover vegetables in my fridge giving me leftovers for days (and sometimes even weeks when I make a large batch and put it in the freezer). Instead of using my “throw everything in a pot method” for chili, I decided I would follow an actual chili recipe.

The Taste:
This Skinny Easy Beef Chili recipe turned out perfectly; a thick sauce and with just the right amount of spice. I normally do not use beef broth in my chili, but this gave an intense beef flavour to the meal. The broth also made the chili saucier; perfect for dipping a piece of bread.Optional: You can modify this recipe by adding in vegetables you love. I added in some carrots for some extra chunk!

It’s about balance . . .
Although this recipe was great, I missed my own chili creations! What’s fun about chili, is that there are no right or wrong ingredients. Throw everything into a pot for a few hours and I guarantee it will come out to your liking. So don’t feel confined to recipes if you need to use up some of the ingredients in your fridge. I highly recommend making a HUGE batch of chili for the following three reasons:

1. Chili usually tastes better the next day!

2. Chili freezes well, making for a great lunch or backup dinner.

3. Chili is an easy way to get vegetables into the men in your life! Chili is considered a ‘manly meal’, so it’s unlikely you will get complainants about the vegetables.  


Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 Kiwis