Egg salad sandwiches can be healthy and still have their desired creamy interior. Believe it or not, the below picture of the cucumber & dill egg salad does not have any mayonnaise!
I first found this recipe on a blog called Simply Scrumptious, and then I found it being mentioned by another blog, Keep it skinny. I just knew this recipe had to worth buying the fresh ingredients it called for! And, I was right!This recipe combined two of my favourite green ingredients; dill and green onion. Together these  ingredients added a dash of gourmet to an otherwise sandwich known for its basic ingredient constituents: eggs and mayo. Many classic egg salad sandwich recipes contain celery to add a crunchy texture. Instead of using celery to get the desired texture, this recipe used chopped cucumber. Since cucumber is mainly water, every bite of this salad felt light, thin, and refreshing.
This recipe calls for pickle juice. If you are not a fan of pickles, I have made this recipe with and without pickle juice and tastes great in both scenarios! I did not add any salt to recipe because I found the dill, green onion and Dijon mustard provided a strong enough flavour profile to the salad. Tip: You can make this recipe ahead of time and take it for lunches because the recipe keeps well for two days in the fridge!

It’s about balance . . . ¬†
I am not a mayonnaise hater, I just don’t like the tangy taste it has to offer. If you enjoy the taste of mayonnaise, then that’s ok! I would just ask that you read the nutrition facts panel on the mayonnaise you use. Some mayonnaise products can have up to 11 grams of fat (per 15 ml serving), which is almost the amount of fat found in two medium sized chocolate chip cookies! Although buying reduced fat mayonnaise may seem like the better option, these mayo’s usually contain more sugar and other starchy unfamiliar ingredients. The bottom line is: Consuming a smaller amount of the real (full fat) mayonnaise may be your best bet to get a more natural product with the taste you love. Tip: If you aren’t attached to the taste of mayo, try using plain Greek yogurt to get the same creamy taste of mayonnaise!

Serve Egg Salad at your next party, but not as a mini sandwich!
Bored of those mini egg salad sandwiches you see being served at so many parties? I love the idea from Simply Scrumptious of serving egg salad as a dip with crostini’s or homemade whole wheat pitas! YUM!
Overall Recipe Rating: 3.5/5 Kiwis