I love Edamame Beans for an afternoon snack. Edamame beans do all of the things a good snack should do: satisfy hunger, taste spectacular and nourish health (in moderation of course). I normally boil my Edamame beans, which can get boring for my taste buds. When I found this Citrus Soy Edamame recipe, I knew I had to try it out!

The Taste:
The beans are both sweet and sour; with the soy sauce adding a slightly salty touch and the orange adding a refreshingly light aftertaste.  Since the beans were quickly pan-fried, they had a firm exterior with a soft warm filling, similar to that of a baked potato.  There was a strong punch of citrus from the orange zest that made this snack just magnificent!
Recipe source is available online hereIngredients:
2 c. frozen shelled edamame
1 tbsp. fresh orange juice + zest from orange
1 tbsp. soy sauce

Heat a skillet coated with cooking spray over medium heat. Add edamame, orange juice, and soy sauce; cover and cook 2-3 minutes or until edamame is heated through. Remove lid and increase heat to medium-high. Continue to cook until liquid has mostly evaporated, about 3 minutes more. Stir in orange zest.


It’s about balance . . . 
When I get hungry in between meals, I need to snack or else I tend to overeat when I finally am able to sit down for my meal.If you tend to get hungry between meals, here are three things you can do:

1. Identify the times you get hungry everyday: For me, I generally get hungry at around 10AM and 3PM. If I know I am going to be away from my desk during these times I simply take a snack with me.

2. Be prepared and plan ahead: If you have an office job, it may be a good idea to keep some snacks in a drawer at work or in the fridge. For example, peanut butter and wholewheat crackers can make an easy and quick snack to ease the hunger pains!

3. Drink water: Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we actually are thirsty. Don’t forget to replenish yourself with water.

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Overall recipe rating: 4/5 Kiwis