I recently put a citrus garlic broccoli recipe to the test with my MEH (Meat Eating Husband).  And guess what? It passed!!!!! I got the recipe from Veggie Wonder, a blog that has mainly vegetarian recipes, who would have guessed? :)

To be honest, broccoli is one of my least favourite vegetables, raw or cooked. I find broccoli to be dry and lacking the robust flavours that other vegetables have to offer. I only eat broccoli knowing it has vitamin C, an antioxidant which supports the bodies immune system, and calcium, an element which supports bone health.

I followed the recipe directions word for word and ended up with a charming veggie side dish. The broccoli was tender, leaving out the ‘snap’ sound you hear when biting into a piece of raw broccoli. If you enjoy the taste of garlic, I recommend making this recipe with garlic cloves instead of garlic powder. I found the flavour of the recipe to be more pleasantly enhanced when made with garlic cloves. The prized ingredient of this recipe was the freshly squeezed juice of an orange. Because of the orange, the broccoli was zestful and left an inviting orange aftertaste to go back for another bite!

It’s about balance . . .


Roasting is a cooking method that brings the flavour profiles of vegetables to life! This recipe was simple, fast, and made for a nice addition of colour to my kitchen table. Here are three tips to help you save time when roasting vegetables:

1. Be sure to check how long a recipe requires you to roast vegetables. With this number in mind, put the vegetables in the oven first, so they will be ready in time for the rest of the meal.

2. Line the roasting pan with parchment or aluminum paper. This method leaves you with minimal clean up.

3. Pre-cut the veggies you want to roast the day before you want to make them. You can just throw them on the pan, cook, and serve!

Overall Recipe rating: 3/5 kiwis