Looking for a thoughtful, homemade, and nutty gift for your neighbours? This chocolate bark recipe is the perfect gift that has fairly cheap ingredients, is easy to make (takes about 10 minutes), and provides a gourmet taste. Who wouldn’t want that?

All you need to do is stack up pieces of bark (like building a tower), wrap it in festively coloured cellophane paper and hand them out as gifts!

The Taste:
The pistachios crumbled on the top of the bark are the first to hit your taste tubs. The crunchy texture from the green nuts are followed by sweet taste of chewy dried cherries. The dark chocolate soothes the multiple textures the bark has to offer. Finally, the faint zest of an orange fills your cheeks leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The orange zest cuts the richness of the dark chocolate, making you want to go back from another piece.Tip: You can make your bark as thick or as thin as you want. If you prefer a thinner bark you can spread chocolate mixture in a larger baking tray lined with aluminum foil.
It’s about balance . . . 
The holiday season brings more than just family together, it also brings food. A lot of food. I used to think a successful Christmas dinner lead to me having to unbutton the top of my pants because I felt so full. Now, I just wear sweat pants, JUST KIDDING! Now, I have learned to enjoy smaller portions, knowing that I will be tempted with some pretty amazing recipes (like this Christmas bark recipe!!)
Five tips to keep on track while enjoying your holiday dinner:1. Eat the veggies on your plate first: They are low in calories and high in fibre. If there is one thing you don’t want to leave behind on the dinner plate, its the vegetables!
2. Sip on water between bites and eat slowly: It will help your stomach realize that it may be full.
3. Adjust your portion sizes: Don’t deprive yourself of anything because you end up wanting that food even more. If you need that gravy on your turkey, go for it, but just use less of it.
4. When your full, stop eating: If you overeat, you’ll be uncomfortable, so listen to those hunger cues.
5.Take a doggy bag:People usually make too much food, so if you really want to try something, take it to go! There is no shame in leaving with a doggy bag!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday filled with mindful eating, family, friends, happiness, and love!
Overall Recipe Rating: 4/5 Kiwis