Looking for a quick, easy, and scrumptious recipe for dinner tonight? Try this baked pesto chicken recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen. I recently stumbled upon this recipe looking for a quick pesto chicken dish to try my sister’s homemade pesto. Not only was this recipe simple, but it was also impressive in the taste department!

Since the chicken is smothered in pesto, it remained extremely moist. I would recommend making your own pesto sauce so you can adapt it to your own taste buds. Here is a simple guide/recipe to making some good pesto.  It’s trial and error.

To add some crunch to the meal, I cooked the chicken with some pistachios (I guess I thought I would stick with the green colour).  It turned out great!

It’s about balance . . .

This recipe has three ingredients!  But, be sure you don’t forget about those veggies in your meal. Pesto, although green, does not count as a serving towards your daily intake of vegetables - a weak argument courtesy of my MEH (Meat Eating Husband).  To increase the vegetable content of this meal, I tossed some tomatoes in the oven with the chicken. To add even more greens, I added a simple side salad with some green onions. Take a look:

Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 Kiwis