Every Tuesday I will be posting about new recipes, innovative food products, or useful kitchen tools, which I have tested (more than once) and reviewed.



This week I tested a Baked Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa recipe from Alida’s Kitchen. Alida’s website is loaded with mainly vegetarian recipes, but also has simple to follow chicken and beef recipes.The red onion in this recipe was marinated in lime juice which provided a citrus tangaste (tangy taste). I assumed the bold flavour from the red onion would overpower the limeiness of the recipe. However, marinating the onion in lime juice calmed down the flavour and provided a smooth zesty taste. The cayenne pepper intensified the recipe by adding some heat. I made sure I had at least one piece of avocado with each bite to balance the crispy texture of the onions with the creaminess of an avocado. This flavour profiles of heat from the cayenne and citrus from the lime reminded me that summer is coming. This recipe would be great on the BBQ and brings a unique recipe to zest up summer patio parties.



It’s about balance . . .

It takes more time to bake chicken than it does to fry chicken. BUT, from a nutritional standpoint, it is worth the extra time. Fried chicken breasts can have 2 times the calories and 4 times the fat than a chicken breast that has been baked. If you are eating chicken on a regular basis, set a goal to bake chicken at least twice a week. Slowly increase your goal by preparing dinner meals ahead of time, so you can come in at the end of the day and put the chicken in the oven.

Based on personal preferences, not everyone will like the strong flavour profiles in this recipe. If you are not a red onion fan, I have made this recipe without it, and the citrus-flavoured avocado is a rare delight.
Give it a try!

Overall Recipe Rating: 3.5/5 kiwis