I made this salad for the last dinner party I went to, and let’s just say I was invited back for the next one! This apple, grape, celery salad recipe is light, refreshing, and takes ten minutes to make.
The Taste:
As I ate this salad, I felt as though I was sitting on a park bench feeling the breeze on the back of my neck. The green apples scream fall, reminding me of apple bobbing contests, scarecrows, and stylish plaid fall scarfs.
The strength of the acidity from the white wine vinegar was cut by the sweet red grapes and crunchy walnuts. Similar to that of a balsamic vinaigrette, this salad wouldn’t be the same without the olive oil.Its about balance . . .  
There is no need to stress when you are asked to bring the salad at your next pot luck or holiday dinner. This recipe is an example of how you can impress a group of friends with a simple and healthy recipe. Here are five tips to remember when choosing the perfect dish to bring to your next get together:

1. Bring a dish that you have made before. This is not the time to try a new recipe, unless you are 100% sure it will turn out to the standards you want it to.

2. Keep it simple. We aren’t all chefs. So, although you may think a certain flavour combination goes well together in theory, don’t make that choice unless you really are a chef.

3. Keep it light. There is usually too much food at parties, so bring a light recipe and people will thank you for it!

4. Add Colour: We eat with our eyes.The more colour in the dish you bring, the more likely people will be attracted to it.

5. Dress it up: Just as we pick out what clothes we are going wear to a party, a meal always looks more appetizing when it is in a classy bowl with some lovely serving utensils. (Don’t underestimate the importance of having these!)

Recipe Rating: 5/5 Kiwis