This mustard seared whitefish recipe is one of my go-to recipes for when I need a quick meal. The original recipe uses both the oven and the top of the stove to cook the fish, but I just used a frying pan to create a dinner in just 4 easy steps! Step 1: Pour the mustard mixture lengthwise on the frying pan (see photo).

 Step 2: Place the thawed fish over top of the mixture you poured in step one (see photo).
 Step 3: Pour the rest of the mustard mixture over the fish (see photo below).
 Step 4: After a few minutes, flip the fish and wait another 3-4 minutes until cooked. Enjoy! 
The Taste:
If you like mustard, you will love the distinct flavour it provides to this dish. Depending on the paprika you use (I prefer smoked paprika rather than sweet paprika), you can change the flavour profile of the fish. I found the smoked paprika enhanced the slightly earthy taste of sage, wheres sweet paprika masks the flavour from the green herb.Try both types of paprika, and see which one you prefer.
The outside ‘crust’ on the fish is not crispy, rather its firm like a quiche.Its about balance . . . 
I highly recommend having at least 10 “go-to meals” that you can count on to make an easy meal. What is a “go-to” meal? It’s a meal that can be cooked quickly, takes minimal effort, satisfies your taste buds and is healthy. Once you have these meals in your life, you may find that your stress levels have reduced. If a friend comes over fro dinner unexpectedly, if your get home late from work and are hungry, if you only have a few ingredients left in the fridge/freezer – it doesn’t matter. Go-to meals can survive anything!

Five of my go-to meals:
1. Bruschetta chicken
2. Creamy egg curry
3. Tomato soup
4. Pan fried tilapia with grapefruit dressing
5. Red lentil soup with shredded chicken

Discover your own go-to meals and you will be ready for anything!

Recipe Rating: 5/5 Kiwis