I am constantly looking to “test” recipes, so that I can share them with my family, friends, and of course on my blog! I recently came across Lydia Knorr’s website. Lydia is an experienced Registered Dietitian of Canada who specializes in delivering effective nutrition communications. While going through her website I noticed Lydia had a variety of healthy recipes. I wanted to use my leftover muffin cups from Easter, so I decided to put her “Healthy Choco-Banana Muffins” recipe to the test!


Nutritionally, these muffins hold their own! One muffin contains less than 250 calories, has 10 grams of fat (mostly coming from canola oil, a heart healthy oil), and 3 grams of fibre. Other banana muffins available at donut shops in Canada have approximately 400 calories, over 15 grams of fat, and 2 grams of fibre. Yikes!

Lydia’s muffins were fluffy and had just the right amount of banana-flavour (not too strong). The whole-wheat goodness in these muffins balanced out the sweetness from the chocolate chips.  To enhance the flavour profile even more, I would add some fresh orange zest to the batter.  Overall, these muffins get an “A” for taste in my books!


It’s about balance . . . 

Homemade muffins are a great treat to enjoy in moderation.  When making a batch of muffins, remember to share them with your friends, family, or even freeze some to enjoy another day.
So what is the best part about making homemade muffins? You know the ingredients in them! In addition, homemade muffins are half the size of store bought muffins, so you can cut the calories and the fat! Based on the success and wholesome taste of this recipe, I will be testing more of Lydia’s recipes in future posts!

Overall Recipe Rating: 2/5