Being married to a man whose family has been beef farmers for generations means we always have a lot of beef in our freezer. I am constantly looking for new beef recipes to add to my collection. Canada Beef Inc. is a great resource for finding information on Canadian beef, community events such as cooking classes, and of course, recipes! They have a Quinoa and Beef-stuffed Pepper recipe that you can trust will be reliable every time! (I have personally made this recipe 3 times and counting.).

This idea of putting beef, quinoa and vegetables inside of a red pepper brings me great delight! Why? Because the strikingly appealing beefy centre distracts my MEH (Meat Eating Husband) from all of the vegetables in this recipe!  The classic aroma of lasagna filled my kitchen while I was making this recipe. I purposely cooked the red pepper just enough so that it would still feel firm when cut. If you prefer a softer texture for the pepper, leave it in for about 5 more minutes than the recipe calls for, or until the skin appears wrinkled.



The quinoa adds depth to the texture of the meaty centre, providing a fuller bite. The juices from the cooked onions and mushrooms eliminated any chance of the meal tasting too tomato-y. The recipe’s heartiness not only supports overall health, but is also rich in flavour.


It’s about balance. . .

This recipe twists the concept of lasagna and stuffs it with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre. To make this recipe fit your taste buds you can modify it by:

  • Using other vegetables such as celery or asparagus
  • Using different grains such as barley or wild rice
  • Trying different cheeses such as Romano or Ricotta
  • Eliminating the cheese(s) you don’t like! I have also made this recipe without the cottage cheese, and it works just fine.

Overall Recipe Rating: 3/5 Kiwis