The theme to this month’s Recipe Redux is all about using crock-pots to make creative and healthy recipes. You will be amazed at how your crock pot can make potatoes that taste as if they came right out of the campfire!


  • 8 -10 large sweet potatoes (you can also use other types of potatoes)
  • Rosemary
  • Olive Oil
  • Chili Flakes
  • Paprika
  • Aluminum Foil

1. Wash potatoes thoroughly until they are free all dirt.
2. Poke each potato 5-6 times with a fork.
3. Place potatoes on a tray that is lined with parchment paper or aluminum foil (this makes it easier to cleanup).
4. Drizzle olive oil over the potatoes and rub the oil into each potato with your hands, making sure the entire potato is lightly covered.
5. I made two different flavours of campfire potatoes. For the first flavour, I sprinkled rosemary over the potatoes and for the second flavour I sprinkled paprika and chilli flakes. You can use any flavour, so be creative!
6. Tightly wrap each potato with aluminum foil. Ensure the potatoes are placed in the crock pot so that the tin foil opening is facing up.
7.Cook on low heat for 5-7 hours (this depends on how hot your crock pot gets. Mine only took 5 hours). Enjoy your campfire potatoes!

Recipe Rating: 5/5 Kiwis