Muslim girl and christian boy dating

Published: 12.12.2017

He's almost on his 30's so the idea of gettin married in an early stage of relationship is something we cannot prevent. In the beginning he was fine with everything, our kids r gonna choose the religion, his family r very open minded so they not gonna have a problem with me

Interracial Dating and Relationships Islam does allow a muslim boy to marry a non Muslim girl if she is ready to embrace islam. A Jewish or Christian girl can.

Now your trying to please everyone else that you think shares the same faith, so your lover will fit in and be accepted. Do you think having muslim in laws in your house will work? If SD I how are things going? I didn't want to live in sins so I was trying to convince him to marry me but it was never good time for him to do it. Women are not allowed to marry non muslims because of several reasons, amongst much speculation, one of the main reasons is because the woman would not receive all her rights that would be given to her by a muslim man, the man must provide for his wife and children and see to there health and well being, where as this is not a religious practise in other faiths, the woman may be left to provide for herself and her children which would be difficult andto no benefit. What most people don't realize, is that religion is created by the devil himself.

You weren't trying to change them during the first days.

If your bf doesn't respect your religion , culture and traditions then he doesn't respect u in a first place My boyfriend is muslim too and am orthodox christian we have been in relationships only for 5 months but we had a talk bout marriage and kids , so my bf said that our kids will have to be muslims cause thats how it works , if father muslim children muslims too.

I love everyone, no matter what religious background they are from. She may crack under that pressure and separate from you. All in all we just met and it looks bright, but he knows for sure that I m orthodox Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ, and if we take it serious he will have to forget about islam and his culture! Especially since my mother is so rooted in her Islamic WHen you are young it is lovely to trust but that wont work.


They must raise their children in spiritual harmony, as followers of Christ. Others say they should be given the choice. My heart is bleeding, He is the love of my life and I left him, I can't forget him, because we had plenty of beautiful romantic moments too. It is my concern that the two religions dont match and the cultures neither.

    1. Leo_Angels - 22.12.2017 in 07:37

      Christian Boy Marry Muslim Girl Opticyclic The traditional view that prohibits marriage between non-muslim man and woman comes from their approach to law making, known as usul-al-fiqh principles of jurispridence.

      Ryan_Lewis - 24.12.2017 in 05:52

      UU's have increased their congregations for reasons like this, and we are proud to have you.

      Johny_Eazzy - 27.12.2017 in 02:55

      Thereafter, I began to ask him many many questions, and he would explain and educate me about the Islam religion.

      Igor_Podavil - 01.01.2018 in 09:03

      I have compromised my faith once already but I don't think I will be able to compromise one more time.

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