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Allie specializes in discussing nutrition ‘hot topics’. Some examples of her nutrition presentations and workshops include:


  • Reduce your stress through food: Can eating the right foods help reduce your employees stress levels? Find out how food can help you stay calm, cool, and collected.


  • Eating Healthy while eating out: Do you eat out? Allie can shock participants of this workshop by showing them the amount of calories, fat, and sugar are in the content of some of our Dubai restaurants/chains. Learn some tips and tricks on how to eat healthy while eating out.


  • 10 ways to lose weight without dieting: Diet’s don’t work. We show you what does.


  • 10 perfect work snacks and lunches: Find out what makes the perfect snack or lunch for work.


  • Hidden sugars in our food – know how to spot them: There are over 100 different names for sugar! Participants will turn into detectives and be asked to spot sugar on nutrition labels. They will also health the health risks of having too much sugar.


  • 10 Most common nutrition myths DEBUNKED: Have you been told not to eat eggs? Think again. Participants will dive deeper into nutrition and discuss the 10 most common nutrition myths.


  • Healthy eating 101: Need the basics? We explain the food groups, portion sizes, and calculate how many calories your body needs.


  • The power of positive thinking and weight loss: Being negative could be preventing you from reaching their weight loss goals, which indirectly impacts productivity levels.


  • Organic Foods: Are they really that much better for you? Participants will learn everything they need to know about how organic foods differ from non-organic foods.


  • Breathe your way to less stress: Did you know that 90% of people breathe incorrectly? Participants will learn the health benefits of breathing properly and practice different breathing techniques.